Asia leadership

The LWF global governing body, the LWF Council, draws its leadership from member churches. Council representatives include as diverse a range of communion members as possible. Councillors from each region include women, youth, church leadership, and specialists in advocacy and diakonia.

LWF Vice President for Asia
Ms Eun-hae Kwon, Lutheran Church in Korea

Members of the LWF Council in Asia
Northeast Asia Lutheran Communion

Rev. Naoki Asano, Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rev. K L Jenny Chan, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong
Ms Eun-hae Kwon, Lutheran Church in Korea (Republic of Korea)

West-south Asia Lutheran Communion
Rev. Dr A G Augustine Jeyakumar, The Arcot Lutheran Church (India)
Ms Christina Soren, Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church (India)
Ms Evabithi Kisku, Bangladesh Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church

Southeast Asia Lutheran Communion
Mr Warime Guti, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea
Ms Jenette Alisha Purba, The Indonesian Christian Church
Bishop Jaharianson Saragih, Simalungun Protestant Christian Church (Indonesia)
Bishop Aaron Chuan Ching Yap, Lutheran Church in Malaysia