Asia Communication Network Workshop

LWF Asia Communicators during Asia Communication Network Workshop from 11–15 November 2014 in Medan, Indonesia. Photo: LWF/Asia Desk.


Background & Rationale 

The Asia Communication Network Workshop in Sabah, Malaysia is the 3rd workshop planned to be facilitated by LWF/DMD/Asia Desk and LWF/OCS in 2017. It is also organized in recognition of the decision made by the regional leadership in Asia during the Asia Church Leadership Consultation (ACLC) 2015 in Hsinchu, Taiwan:   

ACLC 9/2015 - a. It is resolved to encourage the member churches in Asia to be more active in engaging through the social media. The ACLC promotes the use of the already existing LWF Asia Desk Facebook page, LWF Asia-Pacific Facebook page, the LWF Asia Website and collaborate with the Asia Communications Network.

The workshop will serve as a platform for existing news liaison/communicators and newly identified news liaison/communicators to develop a strategy to publish regular articles (LWI's), blogs and photo essays. In-line with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, all participants will be required to prepare a news article/blog/photo essay based on the theme “Liberated by God’s Grace” or on one of the sub-themes: Salvation-- Not for Sale, Human Beings-- Not for Sale and Creation-- Not for Sale.


Specific Objectives of the Workshop

  1. Orient the participants on the current thematic focus of the LWF- DMD (and Reformation 2017 Theme & Sub-thems),  to enable them to develop news, event information, images and resources that of a publishable quality. 

  2. Plan a strategy for publishing news/blogs/photo essays regularly. These includes implementation plan to publish news/blogs/photo essays and guidelines for monitoring and evaluating initiatives.

  3. Workshop participants will be given the opportunity to present their news/blogs/photo essays and to interact with facilitators to develop new capacities (in order to enable them to develop news, event information, images and resources that of a publishable quality.


Expected outcome   

  1. Good understanding of DMD’s new thematic areas and the 500th-anniversary theme and sub-themes

  2. Be familiar with the LWF and LWF member churches structures in Asia and how to engage with churches to share information, stories, initiatives, and other issues within the region and in the wider communion,

  3. Improved skills to develop news, event information, images and resources that are of publishable quality.

  4. An action plan/strategy for publishing news/blogs/photo essays from 2017-2018 with a practical guide.