Programs that deliver change

The programs of the LWF in Asia centre around three institutional areas of work:

Church growth and sustainability

The church in Asia is in the process of developing its own sense of self-identity. it is defining those characteristics that make it unique. In 2015, the communion in Asia will create a model for studying Lutheran identity. In doing so, it aims to strengthen the bond between Lutheran theology and the life of church communities. Good governance is a prominent aspect of this program. The LWF in Asia will place special focus on young churches and new leaders, with theological reflection on governance in the Asia communion. A youth leadership network will be established to equip young people to go into the world and strengthen their churches.

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Capacity for Diakonia

Asia is prone to particularly devastating natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, landslides and tsunamis. In 2014, the LWF organized courses to improve the ability of members to prepare for disaster and be better at emergency response should the worst occur. The workshops were aimed at the smaller LWF member churches, in particular those in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal and Cambodia. In 2015, support to churches continues by developing their capacity for psychosocial assistance in times of disaster and in strengthening regional support mechanisms. Seven churches work together across the region to combat stigmatisation against people living with HIV and AIDS and to defend their rights.

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Communion building

The churches in Asia places strong emphasis on efforts to strengthen the communion. The Asia Church Leadership Conference is a clear expression of communion-building, the focus of which is the sustainability of Asian churches. Conference themes include: Lutheran self-understanding, the relevance of the Christian faith in people's daily lives, good church governance, and mission and discipleship. The communion in Asia is strengthened by a regional officer who galvanises the work of member churches, brings them closer to federation work in Geneva and publicises their work.

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